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Sanitary and environmental risk assessment in France and in Europe

Referral letter: President of the Economic Affairs Committee, Mr Roland Lescure, and President of the European Affairs Committee, Mrs Sabine Thillaye.

Date: November 8th 2017

Rapporteurs: Mrs Anne Genetet and Mr Philippe Bolo, MPs, and Messrs Pierre Médevielle and Pierre Ouzoulias, Senators


Assessment of the implementation of the bioethics acts No 2004-800 of August 6th 2004 and No 2011-814 of July 7th 2011

Referral letter: by virtue of the bioethics act No 2011-814 of July 7th 2011

Rapporteurs: Mr Jean-François Eliaou, MP, and Mrs Annie Delmont-Koropoulis, Senator

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