OPECST Scientific Council

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Scientific Council (Composition 2020 2022)

Mr Alain ASPECT, Professor at the École polytechnique and at the Institut d’optique Graduate School, Research Director at CNRS, Member of the Academy of Science of France and of the National Academy of Technologies of France

Mr Robert BAROUKI, Professor of University-Hospital Practitioner (PU-PH) in Biochemistry (University of Paris), Head of Department in Metabolomic and Proteomic Biochemistry (Hôpital Necker Enfants Malades)

Mr Frédérick BORDRY, Director of Accelerators and Technology at CERN

Mrs Catherine CESARSKY, Senior scientific adviser at the CEA, member of the French Academy of Sciences

Mr Raja CHATILA, Professor Emeritus of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Ethics at Sorbonne University and previously Research Director at the CNRS

Mrs Christine CLERICI, Professor of University-Hospital practitioner in Physiology and Functional Explorations, President of the University of Paris since June 21st, 2019

Mrs Virginie COURTIER-ORGOGOZO, Research Director at the CNRS and Head of the "Genetics and Evolution" team at the Institut Jacques-Monod in Paris

Mrs Claudie HAIGNERÉ, the First European Spacewoman, former Special Adviser to ESA General Manager, Member of the National Academy of Technologies of France

Mr Jean-Luc IMLER, Director of the "Insect models of innate immunity" research unit, director of the CNRS Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Professor at the University of Strasbourg, Member of the Institut Universitaire de France

Mr Béchir JARRAYA, Researcher at NeuroSpin CEA Saclay, Neurosurgeon at the Foch hospital in Suresnes and Professor at the University of Paris-Saclay (UVSQ)

Mrs Astrid LAMBRECHT, Research Director at CNRS, Director of the CNRS Institute of Physics (INP/CNRS)

Mr Jean-Paul LAUMOND, Emeritus research Director at the CNRS, Member of the Willow team of the computer science department of the ENS in Paris (mixed unit 8548 ENS-CNRS-INRIA-PSL), Member of the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Technologies

Mrs Hélène LUCAS, President of the INRAE Bretagne-Normandie center

Mrs Valérie MASSON-DELMOTTE, CEA research director at the Climate and Environmental Sciences Laboratory (Institut Pierre Simon Laplace / CEA-CNRS-UVSQ, Université Paris Saclay), co-chair of working group No. 1 of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for the 6th assessment cycle (2015-2022), member of the High Council for Climate, created in 2018 and reporting to the Prime Minister

Mr Patrick NETTER, Emeritus Professor of University, pharmacologist, Member of the Academy of Medicine of France

Mrs Hélène OLIVIER-BOURBIGOU, Program manager in the scientific directorate at IFP Énergies nouvelles (IFPEN), Member of the French Academy of Technologies

Mr Didier ROUX, Physico-chemist specialising in condensed matter, Delegate for scientific information and communication at the Academy of Sciences

Mr François-Joseph RUGGIU, Professor of modern history at Sorbonne University (Centre Roland Mousnier, CNRS, Sorbonne-University), Director of the Institute of Human and Social Sciences (InSHS) of CNRS

Mr José-Alain SAHEL, Founder and Director of the Vision Institute in Paris, Director of the FOReSIGHT University Hospital Institute and Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Sorbonne University

Mr Marc SCIAMANNA, Professor at CentraleSupélec, Metz Campus, Assistant Director of the Laboratory Optical Materials, Photonics and Systems (LMOPS), occupying the chair Photonics, Visiting Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)

Mrs Virginie TOURNAY, Research Director at CNRS, Sciences Po Political Researches Centre (CEVIPOF)

Mrs Sophie UGOLINI, Research Director at Inserm. Director of the Innate Lymphoid Cells and Neural Regulation of Immunity team at the Marseille-Luminy Immunology Centre (CIML)

Mr Guy VALLANCIEN, former Professor of Universities, Member of the National Academy of Medicine